Top 10 Furnace or Air Conditioner Purchase Mistakes Homeowners Make

Posted on: September 20, 2017 by in HVAC, Tips and Advice
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Buying a new heating, cooling or air quality system for your house is one of the most important purchasing choices you and your family will make. Before committing to this kind of a large investment, it’s essential to do your study and talk to several severe concerns so you can avoid creating the following errors:

1. Picking an Unqualified or Unlicensed Contractor

Selecting the best contractor might be the best fundamental part of the furnace or air conditioner investing in procedure – but most people don’t inquire enough inquiries to make sure the contractor is correctly qualified and experienced for the installation. Always inquire if they are members of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the North American Technician Excellence (NATE).


2. Obtaining Only One Estimate

When you’re purchasing a new gas furnace or central air conditioner, you must always get more than one estimate. Ensure that each estimate is written on a proper form and always make the effort to evaluate and compare the quality of the equipment and warranties provided. Does the estimate include the removal of old equipment and materials? Are permits included in the estimate?

Make certain to take note of the Sales Consultant to see how knowledgeable and professional they are. How long have they remained in the business? Did they discuss all of the rebates that are available for your system? Your experience with the Sales Consultant might be a good what indicator about kind of service to anticipate from that contractor later.

3. Always Going for the Lowest Price

You must always pick a contractor that promotes the quality of their installation service and equipment at reasonable prices, instead of just selecting the one that offers the cheapest rate. The cheapest fee does not necessarily mean the best value. For example, the less expensive contractor might not provide beneficial services like 24-hour emergency reaction or maintenance and service contracts after the installation.

4. Thinking Fee is the Just Factor

The purchase price must not be the just essential factor in your choice. The noise level of your new system is something you will have to live with daily, while the energy efficiency of the system will identify how much your heating in Edina or cooling costs will be (energy efficiency is identified by the SEER ratings – be sure the Sales Consultant totally explains what these numbers mean ). Picking the right product for your lifestyle will allow you to live conveniently and save money.

5. Neglecting the Fine Print in the Warranty

It is important to fully understand the warranty that is being provided through every contractor. You should always ask when the warranty covers parts only or both parts and labor. Also inquire when there any extra fees above and beyond the warranty coverage, including an after-hours service labor cost. Always ensure that the contractor provides you with a written warranty form for your files.

6. Failing to remember to Ask About Insurance and WSIB Coverage

The contractor you deal with must always have public liability and property damage insurance. When sub-contractors are utilized, the contractor must also have the appropriate liability insurance. When the contractor isn’t insured, you could be held fully responsible for any damages to the equipment or your home during the installation process along with any medical fees if an installer is hurt on the task.

Always ensure the contractor is in good standing with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board. For large works, you may want to request a copy of their latest WSIB certificate.

7. Making Too Big of a Deposit.

Holmes Heating Inc. does not request a deposit, except if the equipment is unique and subject to re-stocking charges in the activity of an order cancellation. When a deposit is needed, it must never be greater than 20% of the overall task and all fees must be made directly to the company named in the contract.

8. Not Asking for Recommendations

Reputable contractors will be more than ready to offer you with the names and addresses of consumers they have performed work for. Inquire neighbors, family, friends and co-workers their viewpoint of any contractor they’ve used previously.

9. Believing Your System Will Never Break Down

In case something goes wrong with your system, it’s always a great idea to make certain that the company you pick has after-sales service capacity. Ask if they have a full service department and ask how many service vehicles they have on the road. Do they respond to calls after 11 p.m. or on weekends? How rapidly can they be there when you have no heat? Edina HVAC Pros guarantees a 24-hour emergency no-heat reaction time to maintain warmth in the event your furnace stops during winter.

10. Lack of Appropriate Training or Instruction

Most contractors have a practice of installing the furnace or air conditioning in Edina MN and then leaving without explaining how to appropriately work or maintain the system. This leaves you, the house owner, with the task of trying to determine exactly how to reset electronic thermostats and replace furnace filters (which can become quite costly if not done appropriately).

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