The 6 Musts to Make Sure Air Quality in Your New Home

Posted on: October 4, 2017 by in Indoor Air Quality
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If you’re developing a house in Edina, or simply adding on to your existing house, consider your indoor air quality during construction. That’s why we have compiled six ways to help improve the air quality in your new house or addition.

1. Begin with energy-efficient construction. A firmly built home with the right amount and kind of insulation is a good place to start it you’re looking for improved air quality in your new house. When you add mechanical ventilation and pollution source control into the mix, you’ll have lesser power expenses and better indoor air quality.

2. Keep a tight rein on moisture. When you have too much moisture in your house, the quality of its air will suffer due to an increase in mildew, mold and other micro-organisms. These pollutants can threaten your family’s health, especially family members who have allergies or respiratory ailments.

3. Stop pollutants at their cause. An essential part of controlling your indoor air quality is to prevent pollutants at their source. Be sure to separate problematic material and provide good ventilation. These procedures will stop many pollutants before they become an issue.

4. Use mechanical ventilation. When you offer your home or addition with proper ventilation, clean air from outside will change the stale air indoors.

5. Utilize combustion appliances properly. You need to learn how to install, preserve and work appliances that burn fuel correctly. If you fail to doing so, the health of your family members might be endangered. You’ll also intend to vent these appliances correctly.

6. Know the correct way to operate and keep your home. Too many house owners don’t make the effort to find out how to properly operate and maintain their home and its appliances. To improve the air quality in your new house, learn how everything that happens within your home can impact its air quality.

If you would like additional support with enhancing the air quality in your new house or addition, please contact the Edina heating and air conditioning experts. Edina HVAC Pros is one leading company when it comes to heating and cooling service. Give us a call and we’ll be glad to help you.

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