Heat-Related Illnesses – Get Ready for Sizzling Minnesota Summers

Posted on: May 17, 2017 by in Cooling
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Until this time of year, we’ve experienced a reasonable amount of extreme weather – serious storms, high winds, hail, torrential rains, high heat and humidity. Just a taste of the summer ahead, and it’s simply mid May in Minnesota. On the serious aspect though, now is the time to take preventative measures when it comes to summer ahead us. Most people consider Minnesota as the north. A cold area. However only a true Midwesterner can appreciate the gambit of weather we encounter here. In Minnesota we have everything – hot (sometimes scorching hot) summers, cool and colorful autumns, and cold (sometimes brutal) winters.

Heat Symptoms & What To Do

In the summer, we frequently experience high heat indexes which can lead to heat-related illnesses. High heat and humidity take a toll, and every year, Minnesota is badly affected by them. I’m sure you’ve found out the terms “Heat Exhaustion” or “Heat Stroke.” Heat related emergencies can end up being fatal otherwise dealt with quickly. The onset can be fast. “Heat Exhaustion” is often a precursor to “Heat Stroke.” The indicators can include excessive sweating, weakness and fatigue and muscle cramping. These are factors to be concerned with. Untreated, heat exhaustion can progress and evolve into heat stroke. Things to be aware of: when someone becomes seriously influenced due to the heat, they can end perspiring, lose consciousness, experience nausea or seem to be dazed and confused. They need to be cooled down right away! Eliminate any unneeded clothing – eliminate any shoes or socks, loosen any binding clothing and spritz or spray with cool, but not ice-cold water. They should be given something to drink, if they have the ability to consume it; preferably a sports drink with electrolytes, or water. Get them out of the sun and into an air conditioned environment and out of the sun, if possible, or at least in the shade. Left without treatment, heat related illnesses can be deadly.

Air Conditioning Tune-Up is Recommended

Heat related emergencies can affect anyone. The young, elderly, and health-compromised are most vulnerable. If you or any one close to you falls into these classifications, it is important that you are prepared. You may want to make sure that your air conditioning unit is efficiently working; and you may wish to make sure your device has the right de-humidification levels. An early season system “check-up” is very important – especially if you have concerns about the health of those in your household.

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